About Us

Hey! My name is Brie, and I created The Good Source in September 2018 as a mission to lower my waste use. I decided to share my journey with my friends and family, with hopes to reach as many of the wider population to encourage others to do their bit for the planet in the easiest ways possible!

I want to encourage others to start making changes in their habits towards their waste and single use plastics. This is why I created The Good Source. I noticed in myself that I cared for the environment, but I never actually did anything about it. I am always at the beach and live for the ocean, and seeing how much trash pops up all the time is insane. Now I am conscious about everything I do and am always learning new ways to make small changes. I think everyone can get amongst this, and use simple alternatives to lower their waste and reduce the impact they have on the environment. It all adds up!

Here at The Good Source, we are all passionate about the environment and are much more aware of the damage that we are all doing to it. Each small change you make in your daily life can impact our planet immensely.
Make your change now!
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