Where's It Made?

Ethics and sustainability is at the top of our priorities when it comes to providing the best products to help you in your plastic free journey.

Our products are designed by us in Auckland, New Zealand, and made for us by manufacturing partners in New Zealand, India, and China. 

Where we get our products manufactured depends on the product itself, where the raw materials come from, and who has the machinery to make it.

From the get go, we wanted all of our products to be made here in New Zealand. We did extensive research on all of our products we wanted to launch with, and where we could get them made. It became apparent very quickly that we do not have the machinery or raw materials here to make all of the products we wanted.

Our first product we launched was our Beeswax Wraps. We sourced all of the products locally in NZ, and hand made them ourselves (how cool?!). We wish we could do that for all of our products, but we simply had to face the facts that we need to look overseas to produce more of the products we want.

We spend days, weeks, sometimes months trying to decide which products we think are going to help people to do their bit, in the most sustainable and ethical ways, as well as being completely plastic free.

From there, we do our research. Where can the product be made? Where do the materials come from? What are the materials made of? Once we can pinpoint which country will be able to provide the best product for us, our next step is to find the right manufacturer.

We are not here to contribute to the problem, so we have a bunch of checks that we make before deciding on our suppliers. As we have yet to make our trips overseas to visit our current manufacturers and to find new ones also (thanks covid!), we get taken on a video call tour around the factories to see what the working environments are like, and meet the people making our products. Like many of you reading this, we also have concerns about the working conditions abroad. So we make sure that their working environment and the treatment to the employees is as ethical as can be.

We make sure that we choose the right suppliers that tick all of our boxes for ethics and sustainability, and we form a long term partnership with the factory to continue providing the best products for you!

All of our packaging is plastic free, and also packaged by us in Auckland. We do this so that we can check each product is of the best quality, so that you get the most out of your product.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality plastic alternatives that you can get, in the most ethical and sustainable ways we can, without damaging the planet.

We also believe that less is more, and separate your needs from your wants. If you need to buy, buy things that will last and that you will get maximum use out of. 

We are here to provide consumers with those products, at an obtainable price, without causing damage to our planet along the way.

This is what we do, and we are always striving to find ways to continue to be better along our journey


*The images are provided to us with consent from some of our suppliers internationally. Images are from our Makeup Remover Pad supplier, Baking Mat and Muffin Cups supplier, and our Dog Poop Bag Dispenser suppliers.


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