Healthy Kelsi Cook Book

Healthy Kelsi Cook Book

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"For me, being healthy isn't about being on some fancy diet, but more about nourishing your body and fuelling it with a variety of colorful, whole, plant-based foods."

Recipe developer, surfer, diver, and young entrepreneur Kelsi Boocock shares her fresh approach to a balanced, plant-based lifestyle. Known as HealthyKelsii on social media, in this, her first book, Kelsi has created a rainbow of vibrant salads, smoothie goodness, and nourishing dinners, finished off with moreish treats and desserts.

Kelsi draws culinary inspiration from her adventurous lifestyle – infusing her recipes with the flavors and cooking methods of Indonesia, Italy, and Japan, as well as Fiji, where she spent part of her childhood. Including a dedicated section that covers staple ingredients, substitutes for those who are gluten- or nut-free, and understanding your food sources, this book is a must for everyone who loves food bursting with flavor, color, and flair. Let Healthy Kelsi stimulate your taste buds and expand your cooking skills with her enthusiastic attitude to plant-based eating.

We have made many of Kelsi's recipes and LOVE them. She makes it super easy to introduce more plant-based meals into your life, with easy-to-follow, delicious recipes.



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