3 Mindset changes you need to make today – Our first blog!

Wow, our first blog!

I know what you're thinking… It has been YEARS, what has taken you so long?

To be honest with you, I have been afraid. And lazy. I am not the best writer at all. I failed English in school and have no desire to ever write another essay in my life. However, after much consideration, I think a blog is a bit more enjoyable to write than an essay on a book I never read.

Anyways, I thought I would start by sharing 3 mindset changes I took towards my eco journey. This has been key in my overall plastic-free journey, and has given me so many more benefits than just not using plastic!


1. Become Self-Aware 

In my head, “greenies” had to be perfect. 100% plastic free, attending all the rallies, beach cleanups, protests, composting everything, digging at companies who were making waste, dishing out facts about climate change, vegan, and generally obsessed with the ground beneath our feet…


Boy was I WRONG. But I will get to that soon.


I knew I didn’t need to be, or will I ever be perfect like the stereotypical greenie. In fact, after doing some more research and looking at these greenies more, they aren’t perfect either. Nobody is! Now that was a weight off my shoulders and a great starting point!

My first step? Ditch the wipe. My skin was irritated, and I was just filled with wipes, cotton pads and micellar water. My eyes were literally burning every time I took off my mascara. And upon realisation, I was creating so much waste on such a small, daily task. So, the reusable makeup remover pad was the first step I knew I wanted to take.

Since testing other types (bamboo, cotton, hemp), I settled on the microfibre pad. Only water was needed, my skin was fresh and clean, and no waste! It has been 3 years now since I have used a wipe.

Since making that realisation, my eyes were opened to all the other areas in my daily life that I was making so much waste in. I had been blinded by the fact that I was contributing to the plastic pollution problem that I have just been made self-aware of. The ocean, my home, was being damaged, and little old me wanted to make a change. So, I started The Good Source, and was on a mission to bring others on my journey to ditch plastic!

You can shop them here!

2. Don’t seek perfection

If I could have gotten any advice from anybody when starting this journey, it would be to not seek perfection. It isn’t possible, and it is also not necessary. The smallest changes make such a difference. It may not feel like it, but it all adds up! The more people doing the small things, the greater the outcome. It has been 3 years and perfection is well out of reach. But, the impact has been huge. And boy, does it feel good! Our Papatūānuku is grateful for any positive changes you can make in your life, physically, and mentally. Physically, making changes to your plastic use, recycling more, picking up rubbish etc., and mentally, taking in more appreciation for our land, planet, and general environment. Go for a swim, take in the beauty, and pick up a bit of rubbish on your way home. It’s all about the small stuff!


3. Look beyond plastic 

 Plastic, plastic, plastic. It is the root cause of the problem, but I have learnt so much more about why plastic is such a problem in society, as well as learning about climate change, global warming, ethics and sustainability of businesses, and the damage that we really are all causing. This year, I decided to cut meat out of my diet completely. I was teetering on the edge for months, but when I realised I was waving at the cows I drove past every day on a holiday, I knew I needed to stop, haha.


“During one year alone, on average, a vegetarian will save the lives of 198 animals through not eating meat.”


I am not saying you have to become a vegetarian at all. That’s not what this is about. It is about learning more about the impact you can have on the planet, but also on yourself. For me personally, my gut feels better (go find a 20 something year old girl without gut issues, good luck), I am introducing WAY more veggies into my diet, and am generally eating healthier. It also makes food more exciting, and you can get so many things plastic free in your local bulk bin. So many bonuses. Save your gut, save the animals, save the planet. Boom. Your on a roll (basically, it’s a good starting point).


“Doing your best might look different each day, but at least your trying”


I could go on and on about things I have done, but that’s what future blogs are for, right?

I want you to take away from this just a little more knowledge than before. Think about the impact you are having on the planet, and what you could do to change. What overall benefits am I going to have? Some key benefits include, saving money, less waste, health benefits, and overall a sense of accomplishment knowing you're doing something better than the day before. It all adds up!


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This is a snippet of my journey, everyone is different! Thank you all for joining me, your support never goes un-noticed!


Brie x




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